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Florida Tech Match: A digital media and Tech indisutry business-to-business matchmaking event. By invitation only, following the 2018 Economic Summit.

Florida TechMatch is held immediately after the Orange County Economic Summit and gathers local and national digital media and technology companies that are looking to do business with other talented firms to foster innovation and progressive ideas.


Registration for the 2018 Florida TechMatch is closed.

Matches are decided based on the number of applicants we have with in each of our established categories. In addition, we have certain category exclusivities for sponsors and organizers. Matches are not guaranteed.

Florida TechMatch is made possible with the help of our sponsors Echo Interaction Group, Orlando Economic Partnership, Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce, Orlando Tech Association, MBA Orlando, Ambassador Strategies.

Interested in sponsoring parts of our event? Sponsorships are a great way to connect with the tech community. Learn more about exciting sponsorship opportunities.

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