The Orange County EMS System Protocols are intended to provide uniform treatment for all patients who receive prehospital care within the county. These protocols apply exclusively to agencies that formally participate in centralized medical oversight provided by the Orange County EMS System Medical Director. While attempts have been made to address all patient care scenarios, unforeseen circumstances and patient care needs will arise. For those instances medical personnel should follow the “General Approach” protocols (or other appropriate protocol), exercise their own judgment and contact Medical Control for additional physician orders as needed. The patient’s best interest should be the final determinant for all decisions.

Acknowledgments & Authorization

The Medical Directors wish to thank the following members of the Orange County EMS System for their hard work and commitment during the development of these protocols:

  • Robert Faber M.D.
  • Apopka Fire Department
  • Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Fire Department
  • Ocoee Fire Department
  • Orange County Fire Rescue Department
  • Orlando Fire Department
  • Reedy Creek Emergency Services
  • Rural Metro Corporation
  • Winter Garden Fire Rescue Department

The following medical treatment protocols are authorized by the Medical Director for use in the Orange County EMS System. Changes to these protocols can be made only with the authorization of the Medical Director.

George A. Ralls, MD, Medical Director
Christopher L. Hunter, MD, PhD, Associate Medical Director
Salvatore Silvestri, MD, Associate Medical Director
Maurice Mascoe, MD, Associate Medical Director