Sign Permitting Info

How to obtain a sign permit online or in-person.

Permanent signs such as wall, awning, marquee, pole/pylon, ground, monument, and directional signs are reviewed by the Zoning Division and the Division of Building Safety. You can now submit sign permits online!

Online Submission Process: Sign permits can now be submitted online through Orange County Fast Track.

For online submissions, the following documents are required:

  • Site plan (drawn to scale) indicating the location of the proposed sign.
    • For free-standing signs (such as ground, pole, or directional signs), the setback distance from the proposed sign to both the property lines, and to any existing ground or pole signs on site, shall be indicated on the site plan.
    • For signs erected on a building (wall, fascia, projecting, marquee, etc.), the site plan shall indicate the building frontage of the individual building, or tenant space. For individual tenants within a multi-tenant building, if the site plan provided does not indicate the individual tenant space building frontage, the zoning division will also accept a signed and sealed elevation drawing, with building frontage dimension or a scaled floor plan from a previously approved interior buildout permit.
    • Elevation drawing (drawn to scale), showing the dimensions of the proposed sign.
      • For free standing signs (such as ground, pole, or directional signs), the elevations shall depict the dimensions of the sign face, overall height from grade, clearance from bottom of sign to face to grade (if applicable), and illumination source.
      • For signs erected on a building (wall, fascia, projecting, marquee, etc.) the elevation drawings shall depict the location of the sign on the building, dimensions of the sign, calculation of copy area, illumination source, dimension of the building frontage, proposed sign height from grade, and projecting distance from the building.
    • Construction Documents prepared by an Architect or Engineer, registered in the State of Florida. These documents shall meet the following requirements:
      • Designed in accordance with 2017 Florida Building Code.
      • Shall comply with Basic Wind Speed Design Criteria. See Wind Zone Maps.
      • All documents shall be signed, dated, and sealed by a state registered Architect or Engineer. For information on the digital signatures required for online permit submittal, view the Fast Track Digital Signatures User Guide.
      • Wall Signs that are painted or vinyl signage do not require structural certification.
      • Mall Sign applications will require certified installation documents. The installation details shall clearly specify the method of securing the sign to the existing structure of the construction of the sign. These documents shall be properly signed, sealed and dated by a state registered Architect or Engineer.
      • Notarized Letter of Authorization from the property owner.
    Temporary Signs:
    • Applications for temporary signs, such as banner signs, Real Estate Signs, construction signs, or special event signs are reviewed by the Zoning Division. Download the Temporary Sign Permit Application here.
    • Temporary Signs do not require certified drawings (signed, sealed and dated by a state registered Architect or Engineer).
    • For information regarding temporary signs, including code requirements as well as permitting requirements, please contact the Zoning Division at 407-836-3111, or


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