Orange County Government, Florida

BEARING WITNESS TO HISTORY: The One Orlando Collection Initiative

The One Orlando Collection Initiative is a partnership between Orange County Government and the City of Orlando. With assistance and input from numerous community stakeholders and partners, our community is united by the shared goal of expanding our understanding of the events of June 12, 2016, and to document the impact and legacy of the Pulse tragedy.

To preserve memorial items for the long-term memory of our community and world and create a comprehensive historical record for current and future generations, Orange County’s Regional History Center will be regularly photographing, cataloguing, removing and preserving the tribute items, artifacts and mementoes from the public memorial sites throughout Central Florida. The Center will serve as the repository and caretaker for the physical tribute items, which will be collected and handled with great dignity. For the foreseeable future, the Orange County Regional History Center will continue to catalogue, remove and preserve tribute items from the various memorial sites throughout Central Florida.

All non-perishable items will be stored and safeguarded for posterity, as well as possible future use in Pulse memorial exhibits, tributes and/or museums. Flowers will be collected regularly, and organically turned into soil that will be used in gardens throughout the City of Orlando, via composting.

Orange County’s Regional History Center will also be collecting other items related to the Pulse tragedy, including photographs, digital memories, videos, spoken stories, social media postings, artwork and other remembrances, so these memories will be available for future generations.

To share a photo, memory, story or video, please contact Orange County’s History Center at or visit at