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Sustainability and Mobility

Whether we walk, bike, ride or fly, having safe, efficient and reliable avenues to reach our destinations is critical for a sustainable Orange County. A successful mobility strategy is important for maintaining economic vitality, ensuring quality of life for residents and visitors, and having a positive long-term effect on our local environment.

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Progress on our goals & strategies

Goal 10: People Have Multiple Transportation Options

  Strategy Time Frame Strategy Progress Information for 2018 Progress
1. Enhance access to premium transit and further enhance existing services (such as SunRail and express bus) Long Participating in LYNX’s SR 436 Study and SR 50 Station Area Planning Study addressing bus rapid transit services. SunRail offers service to 4 new stations. A potential Phase 3 connection serving Orlando International Airport has been identified as a regional priority.
2. Enhance connectivity throughout the region for all modes of transportation Long Participating in LYNX Forward project to redesign transit/paratransit services and routes countywide. INVEST in Our Home for Life projects for new roadway and pedestrian projects continue. Seeking additional funding for roadway and trail projects through MetroPlan Orlando. Update to the Trails Master Plan in 2019.
3. Complete streets that are interconnected and that connect to regional activity centers Long Part of the Draft Complete Streets Policy to be complete for public and policy maker review by April 2019.
Table legend: Short time frame: 0 to 2 years, Medium time frame: 2 to 5 years, Long time frame: 5 years or more.

Goal 11: Land Use And Urban Support Multimodal Transportation

Goal 12: Our Transportation System Is Safe

Goal 13: Investments In Transportation Are Fiscally Sustainable

Goal 14: Our Transportation Options Are Clean, Green, And Aesthetically Pleasing

Goal 15: Freight Movement Is Safe And Efficient

Want to get involved?

By increasing mobility options such as mass transit, walkability, bike infrastructure and alternative transport modes, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a better-connected Orange County, with safer, healthier and more active residents.

reThink Your Commute

Using alternate sources of transportation can help keep our air clean and our roads less crowded. Go to Florida’s Department of Transportation website to research the options available for you and the many resources to help you make the best choice.

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Explore the Many Trails in Orange County

Trails abound in beauty – they are full of native plants and wildlife. Our trails have a variety of things to offer; a place for peace and tranquility, a place to exercise, a chance to explore and opportunities to learn new skills like orienteering. Find a trail near you and start your adventure!

A cleared walking trail within a high-canopy forest

Learn about Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety

Help keep your family, friends and neighbors safe as they walk, bike, skateboard and rollerblade around our community. Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings Walk-Ride-Thrive! Campaign looks at road safety from many different perspectives. There is something for everyone to learn – whether you are driving, walking or biking.

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Take a Look at Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center to read about alternative fuels and vehicles. You can locate vehicle fueling and charging stations near your home and work plus plan a long-distance trip.

Electric vehicle plugged into a charging station