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January 27, 2009 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Invocation - District 6

Presentation of Tree City USA Award

Presentation of a proclamation designating the month of February as American Heart Month

Public Comment*





1. Presentation by Kirby Green, Executive Director of the St. Johns River Water Management District to brief the Board concerning the District's position regarding utilization of the St. Johns River as an alternative water supply source.

2. Approval and execution by the Mayor of Participation Agreement between Orange County and St. Johns River Water Management District; approval of Quit Claim Deed between St. Johns River Water Management District and Orange County; and authorization to disburse funds to pay purchase price, acquisition and closing costs and perform all actions necessary and incidental to closing.


1. Orange County Underage Drinking Task Force Update and Drug Free Coalition Annual Report.

January 8, 2009 Board of Zoning Adjustment Recommendations


A. Budget Amendment

1. Amending Fiscal Year 2008-09 Budget

B. Petition to Vacate

2. Applicant: Claude T. Chandonnet, on behalf of Joseph E. Marx Co., Inc.; Petition to Vacate 08-18, portion of right of way; District 4

C. Agreement

3. Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Joint Planning Area Agreement between Orange County and City of Ocoee, District 1

D. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

4. Applicant: Alberto Mendez for Montilla Townhomes Planned Development; Case RZ-06-02-019, November 20, 2008; District 3

5. Applicant: Daryl M. Carter for Lake Hart Planned Development; Case RZ-08-08-055, November 20, 2008; District 4

E. Substantial Change

6. Applicant: Kendell Keith, Frye Center Planned Development (PD) LandUse Plan (LUP); amend plan; District 1; continued from December 16, 2008


F. Preliminary Subdivision Plan

7. Frye Center Planned Development - Lakeside Village Preliminary Subdivision, District 1; continued from December 16, 2008

G. Board of Zoning Adjustment Appeal

8. Appellant: Alexander Ottich Applicant: St. Sophia Russian Orthodox Church; Case SE-08-12-011,December 4, 2008; District 1

H. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

9. Applicant: Andrew DeCandis, Orange County Public Schools (OCPS), for West Orange Relief High School Planned Development; Case
RZ-07-06-048, September 18, 2008; District 1; continued from November 11, 2008

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