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April 7, 2009 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Invocation - District 6

Presentation of proclamation designating the month of April as Water Conservation Month

Public Comment*





1. Update on the 2008 year of operation of the Orange County Cooperative Extension Education Center. (Cooperative Extension Division)


1. Update on High Speed Rail. (Division Office)


1. Approval and acceptance of the federally funded Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grant in the amount of $750,000; approval to authorize the Comptroller's Office to adjust the Orange County Sheriffs fiscal year 2009 draw schedules by $297,640; approval of the tri-party memorandum of understanding among Orange County, Florida, the Orange County Sheriffs Office, and the International Drive Master Transit and Improvement District [United States Department of Justice COPS Universal Hiring Program]; and approval of budget amendments #09-52 and #09-53. (Office of Management and Budget)

2. Selection of two firms and two ranked alternates to provide GIS Consultant Services - Term Contract, Request for Proposals Y9-106-NW, from the following five firms, listed alphabetically:

• Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson
• Reynolds, Smith & Hill, Inc.
• Woolpert, Inc.
([Utilities Department Engineering Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division)
Page 297-299


3. Selection of one firm and two ranked alternates to provide Consulting Services for Self-Funded Medical Plans, Group Insurance Plans, and Other Employee Benefits, Request for Proposals Y9-185-LC, from the following three firms, listed alphabetically:• A on Consulting, Inc.
• Buck Consultants, LLC
• RobinsonBush, Inc.
([County Administration Department Human Resources Division] Purchasing and
Contracts Division) Page 300-314

4. Selection of one firm and two ranked alternates to provide Planning Consultant Services for Sand Lake Road Commuter Rail Station Area Plan, Request for Proposals Y9-815-J2, from the following five firms, listed alphabetically:

• Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin, Inc.
• IBI Group, Inc.
• Looney Ricks Kiss Architects, Inc.
• Renaissance Planning Group, Inc.
• Wilbur Smith Associates, Inc.
([Growth Management Department] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page

Presentation of Employee Service Awards to: Jose J. Sonera (20), Facilities Management, Administrative Services; Catherine Roberts (30), Professional Services, Benito Arzon (20), and Louis A. Quinones Jr. (20), Hermes Santos-Diaz (25), Security Operations, Corrections; Daniel K. Kucik (20), Department Office, Laron S. Graham (20), Training and Information, Terrance B. Darby (20), Fire Rescue; Alan C. Plante (25), Building, Growth Management; Allan K. Middlebrooks (20), Roads and Drainage, Johnnie L. Workman (30), Highway Construction, Yvette Caldwell (20), Fiscal and Administration, Public Works;Kathy Ann Gibson (20), Customer Service, Utilities.


March 19, 2009 Planning and Zoning Commission Recommendations


A. Municipal Service Taxing Unit/Benefit Unit

1. Azalea Park Section 2 - Coleus Drive, establish for streetlighting; District 3


2. Lake Down Village, amend for streetlighting; District 1


3. Tropical Park, establish for streetlighting; District 6

B. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

4. Applicant: Bryan Potts, P.E. for Maitland Boulevard Plaza Planned
Development; Case RZ-08-10-072, February 19, 2009; District 2

5. Applicant: Matthew West for The Palms at Lake Underhill Planned Development; Case RZ-08-10-074, February 19, 2009; District 3


C. Conservation Area Impact

6. Applicant: Dr. Neil Coskun, General Partner, The Vista Pointe Family
Limited Partnership, Palms at Lake Underhill, Class I Wetlands Permit,
District 3

D. Substantial Change

7. Applicant: Tina Demostene for Pulte Homes and Ashton Woods, Lake
Sawyer Neighborhood Planned Development - Lake Sawyer South
Preliminary Subdivision Plan (Phases 1, 2, 4 & 6); amend plan; District 1

E. Ordinance

8. Amending Orange County Code, Chapters 32 and 38, pertaining to Solid Waste Management and hazardous waste - 1st hearing; continued from March 10, 2009, (2nd hearing on April 28, 2009)

F. Ordinance

9. Amending Orange County Code, Chapter 23, pertaining to impact fees

G. Board of Zoning Adjustment Appeal

10. Appellant: Alexander Ottich; Applicant: St. Sophia Russian Orthodox
Church; Case SE-08-12-011, December 4, 2008; District 1; continued
from January 27, 2009.

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