Orange County Government, Florida

Media Contacts

Government Services
Doreen Overstreet
(407) 836-5301

Lead Public Information Officer (PIO) for Board of County Commissioners meetings and a variety of departments, including Planning, Zoning, Code Enforcement, Transportation, Public Works and Utilities. Support PIO for the government services departments listed below.

Convention Center
Gwen Wilson
(407) 685-5796

Environmental Protection
Alan Marshall
(407) 836-5884

Utilities Department
Jamie Floer
(407) 254-9682

Parks and Recreation
Amanda Kimmer
(407) 836-6257

Public Safety and Health Services
Carrie Proudfit
(407) 836-5429

Lead Public Information Officer (PIO) for family and health services and mayoral initiatives including, homelessness, heroin, domestic violence and child abuse, as well as mental health task forces. Support PIO for the public safety and health services departments listed below.

Animal Services
Diane Summers
(407) 254-9150

Tracy Zampaglione
(407) 836-3023

Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization
Tiana Davis
(407) 836-5531

Orange County Fire Rescue
Kathleen Kennedy
(407) 836-9074

Communications Division Manager
Ann Marie Varga
(407) 836-5818

Communications Assistant
Sharnita Marshall
(407) 836-5328