Neighborhood Pride Grants

Take pride in the community you live in


  • Used to improve the physical and social qualities of neighborhoods.
  • Applications considered October through June.
  • Only neighborhood groups and property owner associations in Orange County.
  • Neighborhood partner needed for churches, councils and non-profits.

Landscaping Grant*

  • Funding up to $2,500.
  • Projects require a community contribution.
  • Total project cost no more than $3,125.

Entranceway Grant*

  • Funding up to $5,000.
  • Projects require a community contribution.
  • Total project cost no more than $5,250.

Eligible Projects

  • Signs.
  • Irrigation systems repairs.
  • Wall pressure washing and painting.
  • Entranceway improvements.
  • Ground Lighting.

*Other projects are possible, contact us for review.

Capital Improvement Grant*

  • Funding up to $10,000 (50% of the total project cost).
  • Projects require a community contribution.
  • Total project costs no more than $20,000.

Eligible Projects

  • Improve common or recreational area (clean, repair or upgrade).
  • Construct playground, picnic tables, benches and pavilions/gazebo.
  • Paint fence and pressure wash wall.
  • Ground lights.
  • Signs and improvements for entrance wall.

Wall Repair Grant

  • Funding up to $10,000.
  • Voluntary organizations may apply for funding up to $15,000.
  • Mandatory property associations may apply for projects costing up to $20,000, which includes 50% matching funds from the association.
  • All neighborhoods within Orange County are eligible to apply for this grant.
  • Repairs pre-existing walls only to original condition.
  • Structural damages to walls only.
  • Paint, pressure wash and minor caulking.
  • Wall must be located on a major thoroughfare.
  • Walls located on Right-of-Way(ROW) need ROW permit from the appropriate jurisdiction.
  • Projects must be completed in six (6) months.
  • Other requirements apply, please see the application for further details.

*Additional Requirements

  • Landscaping must be located along a major thoroughfare.
  • Demonstrated need receives greater consideration.
  • Limited number of grants for each district.
  • May not apply more than two consecutive years at a time.
  • Projects must be completed within six months from award.
  • Must have a five to seven member grant team.

Five Years Helping Neighborhoods

In five years we’ve provided over 400 grants to neighborhood associations in Orange County. View some great neighborhood projects that happened through sweat equity and our grant funding.

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