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Litter free neighborhoods, businesses, schools

In an effort to establish “A Litter Free Orange County,” we are launching this anti-litter campaign and requesting residents and community stakeholders to sign pledge cards confirming a commitment to keeping your business, community, neighborhood, school, and Orange County…litter free!

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General Pledge

I promise to do my part to make and keep Orange County litter free. I promise to keep my school, neighborhood and community clean and free of trash. I will throw my trash away and pick up trash when I see it. I will encourage my family and friends to do the same.


Business Pledge

I pledge to keep my business clean and free from debris, including my landscaping, sidewalks and public area surrounding my business.  I pledge to educate my employees about proper disposal of trash, the need for a clean business, and provide ample options for disposal of trash including cigarette butts.  I pledge to have adequate trash and recycling bins and pick up for my business functions and customers.

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