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Don't Pitch It, Fix It


Don’t Pitch It – Fix It! is a community repair workshop in partnership with the City of Winter Park and the City of Orlando. The workshop gives residents the opportunity to have broken items repaired by handy neighbors and skilled volunteers. In addition to the workshop, Orange County will provide information about local businesses that can repair a wide variety of items. Don’t Pitch It, Fix It! is part of Orange County’s Pollution Prevention (P2) program. The P2 program is focused on reducing or eliminating sources of pollution, such as landfill waste. Residents can help Orange County significantly reduce landfill waste by 2040—a goal stated in the Our Home for Life Sustainability Plan—by researching new purchases and repairing, reusing and recycling broken items.

On September 15, 2018 Orange County hosted its second Don’t Pitch It, Fix It! event at Barnett Park. There were a dozen fixers in attendance repairing a variety of items including jewelry, clothing, lamps, computers, chairs, bikes, and clocks. To date, more than 85 items have been repaired, keeping them in use and out of the landfill.

Check back after the 1st of the new year, 2019, to learn about the dates, times and locations for our spring Don’t Pitch It, Fix It! events.