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Enterprise Zones

Business Tax Incentives

Tax Breaks For
Better Neighborhoods

Help give new life to neighborhoods in need and receive valuable tax incentives and rebates in return.

Locate your office or store in one of two Orange County Enterprise Zones to help create new jobs and revitalize distressed communities. It’s good for the community and good for your business.

Communities within Orlando, Eatonville, and South Apopka make up the Orange County and South Apopka Enterprise Zones.

Job Tax Credit

Earn a corporate income tax credit or sales tax credit for jobs created.

Include certified form F-1156Z with your corporate income tax to receive credit.

For a sales and use tax credit submit Form DR-15ZC within six (6) months of hiring a new employee. (Seven (7) months for leased employees.) Expect approval within ten working days.

Property Tax Credit

Receive a credit on your Florida corporate income tax for a new or improved property.

To claim your credit file Form DR-456 with the county property appraiser on or before April 1 with a copy of your paid real estate tax. We certify Form F-1158Z and provide a copy to the Department of Revenue.

Contribution Tax Credit

Receive a 50 percent credit when your business donates to an approved Enterprise Zone community development project.

Receive your tax credit by submitting Form 8E-17TCA#01 to O.T.T.E.D which certifies your donation. File a copy of the approval letter with your state tax return or sales tax refund application.

Projects must be re-certified every year.

Sales Tax Refund

Receive a sales tax refund on the purchase of certain business property, (e.g. tangible personal property such as office equipment, warehouse equipment, and some industrial machinery and equipment), which is used exclusively in an enterprise zone for at least three years.

File certified Form DR-26S and Form EZ-E with the Department of Revenue.

Receive a sales tax refund paid on the purchase of building materials used to construct or rehabilitate real property located in an enterprise zone. This incentive is limited to owners, lessors, or lessees of the real property that is constructed or rehabilitated within an enterprise zone.

Child Care Property Tax Credit

To claim a real estate tax credit (Ad Valorem) submit Form DR-418E to the Enterprise Zone Development Agency by February 1 of the year for which exemption is claimed (Including Child Care Properties).

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