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Headline 4: The Video Visitation Center will reopen Monday, September 21 at 9 a.m. with a revised schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional safety precautions will be in place, and we thank visitors for their continued patience and understanding during this transition period. At this time, all visits must be scheduled by calling 407-836-8061.

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Bonding Out Of Jail
(Arrange and pay jail bond...)

Community Corrections Programs
(Pretrial release, Probation, etc...)

Corrections Contacts
(Contact info for Jail Services...)

Current Inmate Database
(Find out who's in jail...)

(Buildings in the jail...)

First Appearance List
(When and where...)

Inmate Money & Property Accounts
(Forms and procedures...)

Inmate Phone Info
(Rates and billing info...)

Jail & Inmate FAQ
(Questions about jail services...)

Jail Programs
(Operating hours and programs...)

Medical Services
(Corrections medical services...)

(Prison Rape Elimination Act)

Public Information
(Tours, Media, and Guest speakers...)

Sending Mail To Inmates
(Rules and regulations...)

Video Visitation
(How to visit an inmate...)

(Victim information and notification...)

(Jail visitation for visitors…)

(CJIS Compliance)
(Vendor Certification, Appointment Scheduler,
CJIS Training...)